Personal Training

At The Gym we want to help you get more out of life through better health. And sometimes the best way to do that is with the help of a dedicated personal trainer.

At The Gym all our trainers are passionate about helping people. All of them are highly experienced and have been in the industry a long time because they really love it. Many have even been professional athletes – guys and girls who have set huge goals, backed themselves and achieved great things. They know better than anyone what it takes to stay motivated and their goal is not just to help you but inspire you everyday.

Meet our Trainers

Meet Steve Kretiuk

Steve Kretiuk

Meet Lim Jeka

Lim Jeka

Meet Dirk Lamb

Dirk Lamb

Meet Reg Jeka

Reg Jeka

Meet Mark Basile

Mark Basile

Meet Dani Provest

Dani Provest

Meet George Anton

George Anton

Meet Mickey Gayfer

Mickey Gayfer

Meet Robby Jankovski

Robby Jankovski

Meet Ismail Kerra

Ismail Kerra

Meet Nat Dynon

Nat Dynon

Meet Oden Hickey

Oden Hickey

Meet Sam Germano

Sam Germano

Meet Hung Nguyen

Hung Nguyen